Support for the youth movement in a time of pandemic

This survey is an initiative by and organisers in the global campaigning community, in collaboration with climate strikers.

In this moment of global pandemic, it may feel right to slow down, step back and think through our next steps and strategies as a movement.

With mass mobilisations cancelled, climate talks postponed and the economic situation rapidly changing, protest methods need to change over the coming months - we will be using our voices to drive action online.

This is also an opportunity to brace ourselves and prepare for the day we’ll be able to take to the streets again - to reboot the system and make sure that we don’t get back to the business as usual or fix the COVID-19 crisis by making the climate crisis worse.

There’s a lot of expertise out there on how to do this successfully and organisers in the global campaigning community are standing by right now to assess and understand how they can help.

Climate strikes are already doing amazing things - this is why we'd love some feedback on how we could best support the climate strikes in the given context. Take a moment to share your thoughts so we can crowdsource together the needs and best possible support for the youth movement in a time of Coronavirus pandemic.

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